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Skip Bin Hire Bendigo (#1 RATED) Cheap, Any Size, Fast Delivery

Skip Bin Hire Bendigo


Affordable Skip Bin Hire Services in Bendigo

We are the leading Skip Bin Hire service in the Bendigo area with the largest range of affordable skip bins. With nearly 30 years in the business, you can choose us with complete confidence that you are in the hands of waste removal experts. Be organised and start cleaning up your property now using our expert delivery team. We offer our skip bin hire service anywhere in Bendigo and the surrounding area. Skip bin hire is a simple, affordable and cost effective way to remove rubbish and waste from any project. We have a large range of bin sizes to suit any budget and our knowledgeable team are ready to help you find a skip bin that suits your needs and budget. 

For the best-priced skip bin hire in Bendigo chat to us today about your rubbish and we can organise a skip bin for you.

See our Skip Bin Hire Prices and Waste Types pages for more details. 

Expert affordable Skip Bin Hire Bendigo

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Why Choose Our Skip Bin Hire Services in Bendigo

We are a locally owned and operated Skip Bin Hire business in the Bendigo region. We understand waste removal and we know the Bendigo region like the back of our hand! 

  • We pride ourselves in providing value-for-money with affordable skip bin hire. 
  • We have experience delivering skips across the wider Bendigo region.
  • We are a small locally run business. When you call, you will be speaking with one of us! We can help you organise what you need.
  • Waste is our business. Please don’t let your rubbish removal job be stressful. Call us and we can make your experience much easier. make cleaning up your property an easy job to get done!
  •  We have a range of skip bin sizes and can deal with a range of waste types. You will find that using a skip bin saves you both time and money. 

Call us now to have a chat about what you need. We are happy to meet new customers in our local area. 

We’re proud to run a skip bin business that helps keep Bendigo looking clean and tidy. .

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We pride ourselves on being the leading local skip bin hire business for the Bendigo region. Call us now to have a chat about what you need. We are happy to meet new customers in our local area. 

We are passionate about the people of Bendigo, and the place. How many Australian towns have mines, art galleries, and stupa’s?

Areas we service:

Our waste removal Services

With a wealth of experience in skip bin operations within and around Bendigo, we know how to remove any waste type. We are always able to find a solution for any situation. 

General Waste

An extensive clean-up of your home can be a large undertaking that shouldn't be underestimated. You'll probably want to get rid of a few big pieces, but you might not have the right equipment. Fortunately, you can avoid a lot of effort by using a skip instead of making repeated trips to the tip for household rubbish.
Come to Bendigo Skip Hire for the best household skip bins service. If you're currently performing a home clean-up and have a lot of trash you need to get rid of. Our skip bins for domestic waste are available in a variety of different sizes, making them ideal for all types of residential clean-up projects.

Building Waste

Managing garbage and waste is never enjoyable. However, although dealing with a little rubbish may seem annoying, dealing with construction and building waste may seem like an insurmountable challenge. You're in luck since the best approach to get rid of construction waste is to use Bendigo Skip Hire. Skip bins are the best option if you're building new, remodelling your property, completing some landscape work, or simply doing some spring cleaning.

Green Waste

Biodegradable waste, or garbage that can be broken down by the activity of biological organisms, particularly bacteria, makes up green waste. For Bendigo Skip Bins, "green waste" refers to garden waste such grass clippings, flowers, leaves, and twigs as well as tree trimmings, grass, small branches, weeds, bark, and so forth. Some dirt is of course acceptable. 


When left piled up, concrete is cumbersome, heavy, and can pose a major safety risk. Fortunately, Skip Bins Bendigo is prepared to help you with concrete skip bin rental. We can provide the appropriate skip to remove your concrete and do so quickly. Only hard, heavy materials for domestic and commercial use should be disposed of in a mixed rubble waste bin. By separating loads of bricks, dry concrete, tiles, and rock, you may cut costs while also lowering the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills.

Dirt / Earth

The movement of soil into and out of a property is unavoidable, regardless of whether you are working on a straightforward backyard cleanup project, digging out a swimming pool, filling an old swimming pool with soil, or levelling or excavating your project site. The issue of how to dispose of the soil or dirt from your project in the quickest and most cost-effective way then arises!  We are happy to be able to help you with any advice on the disposal of soil or dirt as well as determine the ideal skip bin size and waste type for your project. Our crew is incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. We can't wait to talk to you and discover a solution that will work for your project.

Anything else?

We're more than happy to discuss your needs. Fill out the form on this page or click through on our number to call.

The leaders in Skip bin hire bendigo

Trust the professionals

With nearly 30 years of providing skip bin hire in the Bendigo region, we are experts in waste removal.

No more dealing with rubbish or all those trips to the tip on your days off work! We deliver skip bins to you whenever you need 6 days a week with often same day availabilities. However, it is best to book ahead so you don’t miss out. We have a dedicated Skip Bin delivery team in Bendigo ready to help with anything you require. 

The Benefits of

Bendigo skip Bin hire

We’re happy to chat about your needs and find a solution which saves your time and your money. Clean-up jobs shouldn’t be harder than they need to be. 


Renting a skip bin is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to get rid of trash. Additionally, by avoiding the need to transfer your waste to the disposal centre, you will save time and labour. As a result, you won't need to go too far to the landfill, saving you money on fuel.

Saves Time

Save the time that it takes to do multiple trips with the right sized skip that gets delivered and picked-up


The ease of hiring a skip bin is one obvious reason why many owners of business and residential property choose them. They will make arrangements for skip bins close to your area if you call them and explain what you need. The location of the nearest dump does not need extensive investigation or enquiry. Instead of using your energy and gas to travel to their store or office, these companies will arrive at your location with a skip bin that has been rented.


Safety procedures are necessary for waste management, and they are considerably more important when managing large wastes. You should hire a skip bin because it is sturdy and key to safe waste removal. All of the rubbish must be placed in the bins, however they will be handled by specialists as they are removed from your home. As a result, you can keep your home, property or business from damage and harm.

What to Consider when hiring a skip bin

Hiring a skip bin is a practical and effective way to get rid of a lot of trash or garbage. Skip bins may make waste management much simpler when you’re finishing a home improvement project, cleaning out a garage, or doing landscaping.

There are a few factors to take into account when hiring a skip bin to make sure you get the greatest service and value for your money.

  • Choose the skip bin’s size according to your needs: Skip bins are available in many sizes, ranging from small 3m3 to large 20m3 bins. It’s crucial to pick a container that fits your demands in terms of size.If you select a bin that is too small, you can find yourself making several journeys to the dump, which can be expensive and difficult. However, if you select a bin that is too big, you can end up paying for more space than you actually use.
  • Think about the kind of waste you’ll be getting rid of:  There are different skips for different waste types.  For instance, although some skip bins are intended for construction waste, others are specifically made for domestic waste. To ensure that you are disposing of your waste in an environmentally sustainable manner, it is crucial to select the appropriate type of skip bin for your purposes.
  • The reputation of the skip bin business is critical. Some business have been known to dump rubbish illegally. We pride ourselves in caring for the environment of our town. We love were we live and we are dedicated to keeping it clean for everyone to enjoy.
  • Think about how long you’ll be needing the skip bin: Skip bins are normally rented on a 3 day, 5 day or 7 day basis although depending on your demands, you may need longer or shorter rental periods. It’s crucial to think about how long you’ll need the skip bin and pick an acceptable rental duration.

Overall, hiring a skip bin is a practical and affordable option to get rid of a lot of rubbish in an effective amount of time. You can make sure you get the best service and value for your money by taking into account the size, type of garbage, and length of your hire.

We are experts in this so just get in touch and we will look after you. See our freinds for cranes if you need a Crane Hire Company in Geelong, VIC.

Our latest news and information:

Cheap Waste Removal

Skip bins are measured in m3. To help visualise this, think of 1m3 as 4 wheelie bins, or a filled car trailer. See the skip sizes & prices page to find out more. 

We’re happy to find times for collection and delivery that suit you. We have different options for different budgets. Call us to arrange any changes and we might just be driving past!

In some places of Bendigo, you will require a permit to place a skip bin on the road. Generally this applies to high traffic areas. Please get in touch with the council to understand the permit system

There are limitations due to unsafe loading, weights, and hazardous material. Generally, you can only load a skip to its top edge. See the waste types page to get a better understanding of what material is accepted. If you fill your bin with the waste type specified then you would usually fall within the weight limits. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Although you are able to keep your skip for as long you need to, the typical duration is one to 14 days. You must verify the duration of your permit if your skip is on a public road.

Always put items that are heavier or flatter in the bin first. The bottom of the skip is the optimum spot for flat goods like doors, radiators, fence panels, and old flooring as well as heavy materials like bricks, concrete, and breeze blocks. 

What not to do

Please don’t be a skip bin cowboy! There are a few things that can ensure that skip bin delivery and pick up is done right, safely, effectively and professionally.  

  • Don’t overload your skip
  • Specify what is going into your bin (this also allows us to estimate correct weight limits)
  • Place heavy and flat items into your bin first

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